A solid set of personal tools: Web-based access to your accounts, secure storage on our private cloud.

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Secure Private Email Hosting

Business EMAIL

Our private cloud is a secure, reliable solution for your web-based email needs. All of our Private Email plans come with a fast, lightweight webmail interface for managing your email, contacts and calendar.

Key Features

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Web-based Email

With full browser support, Private Email’s slick interface makes email enjoyable again. With no expensive software requirements and no privacy concerns, our webmail is perfect for individuals and businesses alike.

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A Unified Approach

Private Email allows you to manage multiple email accounts from different providers under one roof. Email overload is a thing of the past!

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Easy Collaboration

Collaborate securely and simply with business email. Our Business and Business Office plans feature full groupware support, allowing you to share emails, documents, appointments, contacts, task lists and more.